3. photojojo:

    Before you could open that folder of images on your memory card, contact sheets were the only way to review a bunch of photographs you just took.

    In Hollywood’s golden days, directors had on-set photographers capturing candid images for those iconic movie posters. Author Karina Longworth collected a ton of old contact sheets from some of Hollywood’s most legendary films.

    Photographer’s Contact Sheets From Hollywood’s Golden Days

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  4. aviation-authority:

    'I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again.’ ♫

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  7. Sienna Miller by Rankin

  8. Complex displays a funny +404 page.

  9. Louise Damgaard - Alexander McQueen s/s 2015 ( Paris Fashion Week )

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  10. historicaltimes:

    First miniskirts come into fashion. Latvia in 1965.

  12. newyorker:

    The artist Zach Gross's work is on view through October 19th at the Hudson Opera House. Take a look at some of his photographs, photograms, and paintings.

    Photographs by Zach Gross

  13. spokeart:

    Limited edition screen prints by artist Tim Doyle, inspired by the streets of Springfield (the Simpsons.) Check out the entire collection in our online store here, and be sure to follow Tim on Tumblr here

  14. anothermag:

    Patti Smith taking a photo of photographer Lynn Goldsmith, New York, 1978. Photography by Michael Putland. Read our interview with Putland here.

  15. Foo Fighters with Zac Brown - War Pigs ( Late Show with David Letterman )

    Dave dropped some gems last night:

    - ( laughing ) “…Seattle! It rains 9 months a year, what do you do? You go down in your basement and do the most depressive music in your life. That’s what you do. That’s how records are done.”

    - ” When Nirvana became popular, my dad called me and told me: ‘You know this ain’t gonna last, right?’ “